Quantified Self

Immersive Theatre and Data Experience

Join us for a unique experience about the future of technology and data where you are at the center of the show.

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Quantified Self is an immersive experience where there is no boundary between you and the performance. Produced by a group of artists and engineers, we offer you a way to enter into a sci-fi world using both theatrics and interactive technology to challenge you on the ethics of our future technologies.

We ask that you share data with us through your online providers (such as: Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc) or take a custom survey so that each night the experience is personalized to the specific audience. We will never share or sell data and we automatically delete all the data you shared after the performance.

Our first performance takes place April 28 - May 1, 2016 in Boulder, CO.

Tickets are limited so get them while they last.


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